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WiFi Light

A new and improved wifi-enabled smart light that I made from some cheap USB lights that I bought previously. I also put it in a nicer weather-proof enclosure. It was programmed using the nodemcu firmware, which is in Lua. It includes a switch and a relay for turning the device off, or toggling the lights.

Code is available here. It will create a captive portal that waits for wifi credentials to be entered by the user, and then runs its own http server which can be used to control the light.

Originally I built a version that had a sonar rangefinder sensor and a temperature sensor (to increase accuracy), but later I re-did the project without the sensor, since I found that it wasn't very reliable. If I were to do a motion detecting version again, I would use infrared breakbeam sensors instead.

Here is a picture of the board including the original light circuit, and the relay


And the finished product