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XPath API in Nim


Status Beta
Language Nim
License MIT
Role Maintainer

API to allow for parsing HTML/XML and querying it using XPath expressions. Similar to lxml.html in Python.

Example code to query for anchors:

for node in parseTree(client.getContent(base_url), "//a", base_url):
    var anchor_text = node.textContent
    if anchor_text.isSome:
        echo anchor_text.get

Querying subnodes, and reading from a file:

var testFile = "./test.html".open(fmRead)
var expr = "//*[self::h1 or self::div]"
for node in parseTree(testFile.readAll, expr, ""):
    for subnode in queryWithContext(node, "span"):
        # node is now the root to query from
        echo subnode.textContent.get
    if == "h1":
        echo node.textContent.get

To install, simply add >= 0.1.3 to your .nimble file, and make sure clang is installed, and add switch("passL", "/usr/lib/") to config.nims in your project (or pass the linker flag manually).