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About me

Hello! My name is Wes and I'm a software developer with a background in full stack and web development. I have over a decade of experience writing software professionally and personally, as well as plenty of open source involvement. I also build electronics projects in my free time.

I prefer to take a highly collaborative approach to projects, which means I will take the time to understand your project and your specific needs, and come up with an elegant and affordable solution.

Here is a list of things I can work on:

  • Backend web development in Python, JS, or any other programming language that I have experience with

  • Projects involving functional programming languages such as Haskell, Scheme, and Racket.

  • Systems development, automation, or R&D projects in Python, JS, or any other language I have experience with

  • Web scraping and automation projects.

  • DevOps and web infrastructure projects.

  • Security auditing and compliance.

  • Frontend development in JS or TypeScript.

I have extensive experience using scraping tools such as Selenium in Python, as well as the requests library to automate web scraping. For an open source example of this see DeleteFB which is a tool I created to automatically delete posts and other data from Facebook. I also have worked on multiple projects using Playwright to build automated test suites.

A large number of my open source projects are written in Nim, which is a systems programming language that I find to be very useful. I also have experience working with C on microcontrollers such as ESP32, ESP8266, and RP2040. I would be willing to take on projects involving microcontrollers if needed.

I have experience with Terraform, Ansible, AWS (including boto3), Azure (including automation using Python), and over 15 years of experience managing Linux systems. I am comfortable working on any project involving these things.

At two of my previous jobs I helped obtain a SOC2 report as well as other certifications such as HITRUST (healthcare). I can help with any engineering aspects or data gathering involved in achieving compliance certifications.

You can find my resume and contact info here.